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Crystal Lake Farms

Today, a rapidly growing segment of consumers and retailers are seeking poultry products that are raised locally, exemplify positive animal welfare, and are untouched by antibiotics or growth promoting additives. Our extensive experience in poultry breeding and broiler production has enabled Crystal Lake Farms to deliver a superior product to farmers, retailers, and consumers that meet those needs.

Our ‘Free Ranger’

The Crystal Lake ‘Free Ranger’ is a slower growing chicken that thrives both inside and outside. It’s also a hearty bird that wants to forage outside in the elements and be itself, naturally. Because the ‘Free Ranger’ is not focused on extreme performance and has a direct lineage to certain heritage breeds, it is generally healthier and has a better tolerance for the changing environment.

Our Location

Crystal Lake Farms Headquarters

352 North Main Street
P.O. Box 248
Decatur, AR 72722


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