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Chefs In The Garden (Tuesday, September 13th)

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Evanna Lynch Kicks Open Factory Farming

Date: June 21, 2016

Evanna Lynch, the actress who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series, is standing up for animals by kicking open the doors on factory farming!

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Why Whole Foods Wants A Slower-Growing Chicken

Date: March 30, 2016

The modern broiler, or meat chicken, grows incredibly fast. The bird suffers as a result, and so does its taste. Whole Foods wants all of its suppliers to shift over to slower-growing chicken breeds, like this one, seen at Arkansas-based Crystal Lake Farms.
Courtesy of Crystal Lake Farms

A century ago, your typical chicken was really kind of scrawny. It took about four months to grow to a weight of 3 pounds. One result: Americans really didn’t eat much chicken.

Today, the typical broiler, or meat chicken, turns feed into meat at a mind-boggling pace. Compared to the bird of yesteryear, it grows to twice the size in half the time. But some animal welfare advocates want the poultry industry to turn back the clock. Modern meat chickens are growing so fast, they say, that they are suffering.

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Hinson Speaks to Chamber about New Business 

Date: August 11, 2015

Mark Hinson of Free Ranger Poultry was the guest speaker for the Jay Chamber of Commerce meeting held Thursday, August 6.

Hinson, a long-time resident of Jay, and former employee of Simmons Foods, has now changed hats and is associated with Free Ranger who processes free-range chickens who are antibiotic free, fed non-chemical based feed, is allowed to leave the poultry house, and is treated humanely when time comes for processing.

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Free Ranger LLC acquires Jay, Oklahoma Facility from Simmons Custom Processing, Inc.

Date: April 6, 2015

Decatur, AR – Free Ranger LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Jay, Oklahoma plant from Simmons Custom Processing, Inc. (“Simmons”)

The transaction will allow Free Ranger to process the Crystal Lake Farms brand and other regional brands that have a need for third party processing. With a regional processing facility in place; Crystal Lake Farms will have the platform to support future growth while continuing to focus on humanely raising pastured poultry.
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clf-bannerMeet 5-Step Farmer Blake Evans

Global Animal Partnership

The Naked Neck chickens who roam Crystal Lake Farms are a novelty to the Arkansas agricultural landscape today. Certified at Step 4, this free-range farm, operated by Blake Evans, thrives on a genuine enthusiasm to raise a unique bird and a sincere commitment to improving animal well-being. Blake is inspired by exploring opportunities to improve the lives of his chickens each and every day. Meet Blake.
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