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Step 4 Certified Broiler

Most consumers are concerned about animal welfare, where the chicken came from, and what it has eaten.  We want you to be confident in what you eat and that is why we began with the breed.  We have spent the past five years going “back to the basics” to naturally develop a breed that is not focused on rapid growth and high yield but still superior to heritage crosses. The Crystal Lake ‘Free Ranger’ is a slower growing chicken that thrives both inside and outside. It’s also a hearty bird that wants to forage outside in the elements and be itself, naturally. Because the ‘Free Ranger’ is not focused on extreme performance and has a direct lineage to certain heritage breeds, it is generally healthier and has a better tolerance for the changing environment.

Our birds have a remarkable flavor and the meat texture is also noticeably different.  Please try for yourself and give us feedback on our comments page.  We continually get great reviews from consumers and we want to hear from you.

clf-bannerWe stand behind all of our claims
with 100% confidence!

  •  No Antibiotics Ever
  • All-Vegetarian Diet
  • Humanely Raised
  • No Hormones
  • Pasture Focused/Free Range
  • Step 4 Certified by GAP & Audited by EarthClaims LLC
  • No Ionophores (coccidiostats)