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The Better Bird


Why Choose the Better Bird?

Better Health – Inherently healthy chicken breeding. A higher tolerance to climatic change and a robust immune system allow the chicken to fend for itself without the need for antibiotics.

Better Living Environment – We give the chicken what it wants and what it was meant to have. Plenty of stress-free space (inside and outside). Real sunlight. Fresh outdoor air. Plenty of green pasture to forage and roam. Fresh water.

Better Taste – Our chickens consume a specially blended feed completely free of animal by-products and antibiotics of any kind. This100% Vegan diet promotes a more natural growth rate. The feed and our breed combine to produce chicken meat with a remarkable flavor and texture, well-liked by consumers.

Better Reliability – Crystal Lake Farms is an innovative young company built on a foundation of historically trust worthy values and principals. We meet or exceed GAP 4 standards every day. We are passionately committed to our customers and chickens long before the first eggs are laid or the first chicken is hatched.

Better Customer Satisfaction – More than five years ago we began developing The Better Bird. Although successful, we recognize we have only scratched the surface. Our breeding and production plans and processes are constantly being improved to satisfy our customers’ and chickens’ needs.

Better for the Chicken.
Better for your Family.
The Better Bird!